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Marijn Vlaming



Marijn Vlaming is Director Biology at Charles River Laboratories in Leiden, The Netherlands, a CRO focusing on complex in vitro biology models for early discovery research. Marijn holds a PhD from The Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and worked for several years as senior scientist/project leader in various projects together with pharmaceutical industry and academia at TNO (Zeist, The Netherlands). In 2015, she became VP Technology of Ncardia (Leiden, The Netherlands), a biotech company focusing on generation and implementation of hiPSC-derived cells in drug discovery and development. Marijn has about 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical research, and co-authors >25 peer-reviewed scientific papers.


About Charles River


Charles River is an early-stage contract research organization (CRO). We have built upon our foundation of laboratory animal medicine and science to develop a diverse portfolio of discovery and safety assessment services, to support clients from target identification through preclinical development. Utilizing our broad portfolio of products and services enables our clients to create a more flexible drug development model, which reduces their costs, enhances their productivity and effectiveness to increase speed to market.

This project focuses on the application of human organoid technology in industrial drug discovery. The purpose of this project is to develop human organoid-based infectious disease models and to apply these in drug screening using a variety of technologies (e.g. (stem) cell culture, high throughput screening, virology/infectious disease, and high content imaging).