Attending the ACTC 2019 in Cardiff

Director Katja Wolthers travelled to Cardiff, together with Adithya Sridhar, postdoc scientist, and Hetty van Eijk, expert in virus culturing, to attend the “Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture” conference (ACTC 2019).


3D cell culture models

The conference offered a broad overview of the developments in 3D cell culture models.  Session topics included Physiologically Relevant Gut Models, Developments in In Vitro Cancer Research, Novel Models for Studying Neurological Diseases, Advanced Cell Culture; 3D, Fluid Flow & Co-culture and In Vitro Models for Animal Replacement.


Presenting the gut organoid monolayer model

In the Physiologically Relevant Gut Models session, Adithya presented the gut organoid monolayer model for infectious diseases research. He explained the importance of entero- and parechoviruses for human disease, and presented the gut organoid monolayer model that has been developed in collaboration with the groups of Vanesa Muncan of the Tytgat Institute (Amsterdam UMC) and Constance Schultsz (Amsterdam UMC/AIGHD).


The conference was a great networking opportunity for us with both academic and industry researchers working in all areas of in vitro cell cultures, which may lead to new collaborations in the future!