Team Member

Ingrid Valks



Ingrid Valks is the personal development mentor of Organovir and lives and works in Amsterdam. Ingrid guides people and organizations, bridging the gap between personal and professional challenges of the 21st century (information overload, burnout and unhappiness, social-cultural pressure) and the importance of developing new human-skills such as mindfulness, compassion and the ability to create connections.


Ingrid has a background as an entrepreneur and was a director in communications. In addition, she is an expert in unleashing the potential of teams and organizations with impactful offline and online experiences. She holds a certificate for facilitating leadership trails in nature and international certifications in teaching mindful yin and energizing vinyasa yoga. Her specialization is the art of relaxation. From the day she started working, she took time off regularly for reflection, to revitalize and to open the gates for innovation and creativity; ten minutes every day, one hour every week, one week every year and one year every seven years.



About the Power of Time Off


The power of time off is a leadership and mindfulness consulting initiative. We guide people and organizations bridging the gap between personal and professional challenges of the 21st century and the importance of developing new human skills.


Our mission: Vitalizing people and organizations. Our vision: A world where people take time off regularly, creating a better version of themselves, their communities and the world.


We deliver keynotes, urban workshops, retreats in nature and a program for personal growth and mindful organizations. A transformational experience for individuals. Customized and integrated into existing sustainable employment programs, training courses and MICE programs for organizations.