OrganoVIR Labs’ Brain Organoids Spotted in de Volkskrant

We hope that everyone had a splendid weekend because we certainly did! Last Saturday, on the 22nd of January 2022, our brain organoids were featured in an article titled “De proefdiervrije toekomst krijgt al gestalte in het lab, met minibreinen en organen-op-een-chip” (translation: The animal-free future is already taking shape in the lab, with mini brains and organs-on-a-chip), which was published in de Volkskrant.

Written by Maartje Bakker, this article delves into how organoids and organ-on-a-chip can replace laboratory animals, the advantages of its implementation in virology, and how we at OrganoVIR Labs implement organoid models in virology research. You can read the online version of the article by clicking on the button below.