OrganoVIR Labs Welcomed Special Visitors!

On November 8th 2021, we welcomed two special visitors, Prof. Dr. Menno de Jong (chair of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Infection Prevention, Amsterdam UMC) and Prof. Dr. Hans van Goudoever (Head of Pediatrics, Emma Children’s Hospital Amsterdam UMC) at the OrganoVIR Labs at the Amsterdam UMC.


During the visit, our Post-doctoral researchers and PhD students showed their data on viral infections from experiments that are based on human-based organoid models. After the presentations from our Postdocs and PhD students, Professor de Jong and Professor van Goudoever were shown around the OrganoVIR Labs.

Ikrame Aknouch, PhD Student at OrganoVIR, delivered a presentation about SARS-2 and human milk study.


Josse Depla, PhD Student at OrganoVIR, presented his PhD project on Enterovirus D68 infection of brain organoids.


Postdoc Researchers Carlemi Calitz (wearing white, front) and Renata Baptista Vieira de Sà (wearing brown, back) during their presentation.


We are enthusiastic to announce that both Professors were impressed on the progress we have made regarding the use of human organoid technology as well as establishing complex organoid models for virus research. We look forward to welcoming Prof Dr. Menno de Jong and Prof Dr. Hans van Goudoever at our labs again in the future.