Join OrganoVIR’s Virology and Antiviral Drugs workshop!

On the 10th of September 2019, the OrganoVIR network will be giving its first workshop! During this workshop various topics are discussed, including basic & clinical virology and antiviral treatment. Are you a student and interested in learning more about these topics? Then sign up for our workshop!



For our workshop we have three great speakers; Prof. Dr. Frank van Kuppeveld (Head of the Virology Division of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University), Dr. Dirk Jochmans (Senior research manager, Rega Institute at the University of Leuven) and Dr. Dasja Pajkrt (Principal Investigator Paediatric Infectious Disease, Amsterdam University Medical Centers location AMC). Frank van Kuppeveld will take you into the world of basic virology. Dasja Pajkrt will discuss the clinical spectra of viral infections, and Dirk Jochmans will dive into the field of antiviral drug discovery.

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Sign up!

Are you a student and are you interested in learning more about virology and antivirals? Then sign up for the workshop by sending an email with “OrganoVIR Workshop” in the subject line and provide us with your name, your academic institution & your whatsapp number. It costs 10 euros to attend the workshop (as we will be serving lunch) and the attendance fee has to be paid for via Tikkie (we will send a Tikkie to your whatsapp number once we have received your contact details via email).

Note: when you make the payment via Tikkie, please add your name under which you registered and “OrganoVIR” In the description.


We only have 35 spots on offer, so sign up today!