Team Member

Samuel Constant



Dr. Samuel Constant is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Epithelix ( and Chief Executive Officer of OncoTheis ( two Swiss biotech companies specialized in tissue engineering.



About Epithelix Sarl


Epithelix is a leader for in vitro assessment of drug efficacy and toxicity on human respiratory tract. Epithelix has developed unique 3D in vitro human airway tissues and testing services for studying airway pathologies like Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, Bacterial and Viral infections. Samuel is in charge of global management and business development of the company; he also deals with the external collaborations with private and public research groups.


OncoTheis is dedicated to developing innovative bioengineered tissues and organoids for cancer research. We are producing a new generation of integrated 3D in vitro models that combine both healthy and cancerous tissues in order to accurately simulate in vivo situation. Such models are intended to increase the quality of preclinical research while reducing animal testing. Samuel is in charge of the management, business development and partnership of OncoTheis.


Since 2006, Dr. Samuel Constant and his teams have won 18 prizes for their scientific achievements, technological innovation, and business development.