Symposium on Animal-Free Innovations in Science

On the 25th of November Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC organize a symposium on Animal-Free Innovations in Science.

During this symposium, the unique advantages of utilizing human derived cells will be addressed, including induced pluripotent stem cells, organoids and multi-organ chip devices.

The goal of this symposium is to bring together scientists from different disciplines in an open and constructive setting to discuss the challenges and advantages of encouraging animal-free innovations in basic and translational research.



Speakers from various research fields will engage in discussion regarding the use of animal-free models during the symposium. Speakers include Prof. Dr. Sue Gibbs, Dr. Vivi Heine, Prof. Dr. Paul Jennings and Prof. Dr. Bas Teusink.

Furthermore, OrganoVIR’s coordinator Dasja Pajkrt will also be speaking during the symposium. She will give a talk on human organoid technology and focus on its ethical aspects, dissemination strategies and business opportunities.


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