The BeyondU PDP Experience

When Dasja Pajkrt and Katja Wolthers designed the OrganoVIR project, they understood that aside from being trained in science, Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) must also be trained in human skills. These are the type of skills that are taught in the BeyondU Personal Development Plan (PDP), one of the three training programs integrated into the OrganoVIR project.

Curated by PDP coach Ingrid Valks, the PDP focuses on helping our ESRs strengthen their personal competencies, practice self-care and become more self-aware. We believe that people and organizations that unify scientific, managerial and human skills will become confident and future-ready leaders in science. Hence, during their three years in the OrganoVIR consortium, our ESRs attended masterclasses (both live and virtual) to develop their human skills.

On the 24th of August 2022, our ESRs wrapped up their PDP journey in OrganoVIR with the final masterclass. Before their final masterclass, we reached out to a few of our ESRs to ask what they learned from the BeyondU PDP and their experience with the program. Would you like to hear about our ESRs’ experiences? Click on the button below to view the BeyondU PDP through their eyes.