Scientists unite in support of animal free research

On the 24th of April, 2019, our partner, the Dutch Society for the Replacement of Animal Testing (DsRAT), organised a special gathering in Utrecht on the World Day for Laboratory Animals. For this gathering, different scientists came together to share their stories on how they conduct research without animals.


Sharing knowledge and experiences

The goal of DsRAT is to replace all animal experiments. To achieve this goal, DsRAT aims to stimulate the development of animal free research through positive collaborations with scientists, politicians and society. Every year, on the World Day for Laboratory Animals, DsRAT brings scientists, politicians and civil society together to share knowledge and experiences with one another regarding animal free research. Through these initiatives, DsRAT aims to accelarate the development of animal free research methods.


Replacing animal models in virus research

OrganoVIR also attended this special gathering. Director Dasja Pajkrt gave a presentation about our network and how OrganoVIR aims to replace animal models within virus research through the use of human organoids. The data gathered from organoids provide us with a much more accurate picture on the behaviour of viruses in humans than data gathered from animal models. Therefore, OrganoVIR aims to make organoids the superior model for virus research, which will replace animal models and reduce animal use in health research.


We are proud to have DsRAT as our partner and we look forward to making a big impact regarding the reduction of animal use within virology with our network. Want to know more about this special gathering? Visit DsRAT’s website and watch the video report!