OrganoVIR ESR Giulia Moreni Brings Home You-WC11 Award

On 24th of September 2021, Giulia Moreni, one of our ESRs (Early Stage Researchers), was awarded the “You-WC11 (Refinement) Award” at the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (WC11). This award was given to Giulia for her presentation that highlights the translation of animal model results to human disease (in the context of Polio), and how these findings can be used as a blueprint of new technologies.


Representing OrganoVIR at the WC11


WC11 is a global congress that showcases advances of technology in life science research. The WC11 Congress is a space for scientists to connect with each other, gain knowledge, launch new ideas, and brainstorm technologies to support non-animal test models. The overarching theme for this year’s congress was “3Rs in Transition: From Development to Application”, which was inspired by the progress that has been made in technologies in support for non-animal test models. Due to COVID19, this year, the event had to be carried out virtually.

On 25th August 2021, Giulia presented at the WC11 during session 152: “Organoid technology for infectious diseases: from innovation to established models”. In her presentation, Giulia talked about the translation of animal model results to human disease in the context of Polio and how findings can be studied to implement new technologies. “I am very grateful and honored that our work was recognized. The topic of alternatives to animal use in research is a very important and current issue that needs more attention. To be able to contribute with our work is very special” said Giulia about her presentation (titled ‘Bridging the Gap Between Emerging Models and Humans by Learning from Polio Studies in Animals’) at the WC11.


Giulia Moreni Brought the You-WC11 Award Home


During the congress, several prestigious awards were handed over to senior or junior scientists for their contributions in the field of 3R: Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement of animal experiments. The “You-WC11 Award” was given based on the presentations of young scientists during the You-WC11 session, ‘Let the Stars Shine’. In total, six young scientists received the prestigious award – including our bright and talented Giulia, who received the award under the Refinement category!

This award is testament that hard work pays off, as Giulia had made sure to rehearse her presentation in front of her colleagues and supervisors in OrganoVIR. “Having a supportive work environment that provides feedbacks is a really important and enjoyable experience” Giulia said about OrganoVIR. Additionally, as winner of the You-WC11 Award, Giulia shared an advice for other young scientists: “It’s essential to see these opportunities (presenting at global conferences) as a moment to ask for feedbacks and to improve, rather than moments where you have to perform at your best”.

Once again, congratulations to Giulia Moreni for bringing home the You-WC11. The OrganoVIR team is incredibly proud of her, and we cannot wait to see more from her in the future.