OrganoVIR’s PDP coach featured in TheNextWomen blog

OrganoVIR’s very own Personal Developmental Plan (PDP) coach Ingrid Valks is the new guest-editor for the “TheNextWomen” blog! During the coming weeks, Ingrid will share her expertise on how to bridge the gap between people & organizations and the 21st century challenges they face.


The power of time off

Ingrid is the founder of the power of time off, a leadership and vitality consulting initiative. She focuses on connecting people with themselves & their communities as well as the importance of developing new-human skills such as reacting mindful to life situations, having compassion with yourself & others and the ability to create connections.


Personal Developmental Plan

Within OrganoVIR, Ingrid will be guiding and coaching our 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) on their path of personal growth. Each ESR will make, in collaboration with Ingrid, their very own Personal Developmental Plan (PDP). With the PDP, OrganoVIR will deliver the next generation of scientists; well-rounded individuals, who are a human at work and a role model for being confident and resilient leaders of the future.


Over a period of three years the ESRs will participate in a transformational journey of personal growth. The ESRs will participate in a state of the art blended learning program consisting of online interactions and engagements as well as six live masterclasses to unleash their individual potential. Due to their training in organoids for virus research (technical skills) as well as their human skills, the ESRs will hold a unique position within the European labour market.


Get inspired!

Are you curious to know more about Ingrid and her work? Then check out her website and read the interview with Ingrid on the TheNextWomen blog!